Pat authored a book, From Pain to Peace – A Journey from Rage to Forgiveness. This book takes you on the journey of grief Pat experienced after her 17 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver.  Pat shares how she found peace at an eight day silent retreat.

Pat has:

wanted to make a difference

works to prevent the tragedy of drunk  driving crashes

cofounded MADD, Crow Wing County, Brainerd, Minnesota

served as President, Vice President, Secretary, of local MADD chapter

served on MADD, Minnesota State Board

been trained as victim advocate

helped many victims of drunk driving with the criminal justice system

spoken on MADD, Victim Impact Panels

spoken before groups regarding the devastation of drunk driving

Pat has made a difference.

Pat Bluth was born in Bremerton, Washington, but life brought her to Brainerd, Minnesota, where, along with her husband, Gary, they have lived and raised three children: Tammy, Jeff, and Jennifer.

Life was going well for the Bluth family, but everything changed suddenly when one Friday night, daughter Tammy was killed by a drunk driver.

For months after Tammy’s death, Pat struggled to go on with life, but because of her strong faith, she persevered and has used her life experiences to help others facing life changing situations.

Pat Bluth holds a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling and is a certified Chemical Dependency Counselor.  She served in private practice as a family therapist for a Christian Counseling Clinic in Brainerd.

Pat used her counseling abilities to facilitate grief groups for HomeCare/Hospice  and Compassionate Friends, listening and comforting parents who experience the death of a child.

As a Certified Toastmaster, Pat enjoys opportunities to speak and spread a message of hope and inspiration to various audiences.  She shares her story of how God turned her bitterness into forgiveness, and how it is possible to enjoy life again, even after great tragedy has occurred.  Her message has inspired thousands.

A member of the Catholic Church, Pat is a Lector and a Minister of Holy communion.  She has served on boards for the Council of Catholic Women at the local, Deanery and Diocesan levels.  Because of her commitment to God, and because of her service in church and the community, Pat has been able to use life’s struggles to grow spiritually, and finds it her mission to  encourage others along the way.

For enjoyment, Pat likes  photography, quilting, being with family, friends, and spending time with her three grandchildren.

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